Panel Offers in Compromise

IRS Offers in Compromise

Should the IRS determine that a taxpayer is unable to pay the liability in a lump sum or through an installment agreement, and has exhausted the search for other payment arrangements, the last option would be to file an Offer in Compromise. The objective of the OIC program is to accept a compromise when it is in the best interests of both the taxpayer and the government and promotes voluntary compliance with all future payment and filing requirements. For more information and details, CLICK HERE.

Panel IRS Payment Plans

IRS Payment Plans

If you cannot pay the amount owed the US Government in income taxes, the IRS may allow you to pay any remaining balance over time in monthly installments through an installment agreement. For more information and details, CLICK HERE.

Panel Tax Audits

IRS Tax Audits

There are times, through no fault of your own, you are required to substantiate what you claimed on a past year or current year tax return.

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If you owe more than $20,000, our tax relief specialists will work with you to settle your debt.


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